Children's Book Illustrations by Shu Man Wang

Shu Man Wang Shows The Paper House Children's Book Illustrations

Shu Man Wang, the lead designer of the highlighted design Children's Book illustrations by Shu Man Wang says, Chinese Joss paper offerings has various meaning in traditional culture. However, younger generation has little interest toward this tr <Cropped>

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Office:keiun Building by Kensuke Aisaka

Kensuke Aisaka Shows The Keiun Building Office

Kensuke Aisaka, the lead designer of the highlighted design Kensuke Aisaka's KEIUN BUILDING Office spells out, This is a four-storied multi-tenant building on a narrow site located. Special attention was given to insolation to sunlight and eyes <Cropped>

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Project of Agile Su'zhou-Sales Center by Percept Design

Percept Design Shares The Project of Agile Su'zhou Sales Center

Percept Design, the designer of the award winning project Sales center:Project of Agile Su'zhou by Percept Design demonstrates, The creative design team of this case began with an examination of regional culture and urban impressions, combined w <Cropped>

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Ceramic Sanitaryware Set by Tolga Berkay

Tolga Berkay Creates The Organic Design Set Ceramic Sanitaryware Set

Tolga Berkay, the thinktank behind the displayed design Ceramic Sanitaryware Set:Organic Design Set by Tolga Berkay demonstrates, “Organic design is a concept which rightfully belongs to the world of nature. It is the order of form in nature, or th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Horizon 2 27 Table Pc

Lenovo Designs The Horizon 2 27 Table Pc

Lenovo, the creator of the displayed work Lenovo's Horizon 2 27 Table PC demonstrates, In the modern home personal computers are no longer a personal productive tool for working, it is now a multi-scenario computer for the family. Horizon 2 is a <Cropped>

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Projected Path-Vehicular Augmented Reality by Lee Beckwith & Victor Ng-Thow-Hing

Lee Beckwith & Victor Ng-Thow-Hing Presents The Projected Path Vehicular Augmented Reality

Lee Beckwith & Victor Ng-Thow-Hing, the creative mind behind the award winning work Lee Beckwith & Victor Ng-Thow-Hing's Projected Path Vehicular Augmented Reality spells out, Turning across traffic at intersections is a disproportionate <Cropped>

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Andreas Kioroglou's Nanoskin by Bfp Packaging For Nanotechnology Products

Andreas Kioroglou Creates The Nanoskin by Bfp Packaging For Nanotechnology Products

Andreas Kioroglou, the designer of the award winning work Packaging for Nanotechnology products by Andreas Kioroglou illustrates, Designers were assigned to design a new brand, producer of innovative nano-technology hydrophobic coatings. After intern <Cropped>

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Award Winning Fragile Flower Vase

Takahiro Yamamoto Illustrates The Fragile Flower Vase

Takahiro Yamamoto, the project leader of the highlighted design Flower vase by Takahiro Yamamoto spells out, This flower vase name is “Fragile”. Fragile is an attachment that converts a drinking glass into flower case. Fragile materials usually <Cropped>

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Adina by Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon

Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon Creates The Adina Virtual Make Up

Mostafa Arvand & Sepideh Golgoon, the lead designer of the highlighted design Award Winning ADINA Virtual Make up demonstrates, Virtual makeup products using image processing technology and augmented reality. Before any actual makeup, which is o <Cropped>

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Renuage Brandy:renuage by Trizz Studio

Trizz Studio Designs The Renuage Renuage Brandy

TRIZZ STUDIO, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Renuage brandy:RENUAGE by TRIZZ STUDIO demonstrates, For Galicia Distillery and their internationally acclaimed brandy Renuage, Trizz were invited to create an exquisite journey of taste and s <Cropped>

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