Award Winning Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle

Dimitrios Spyropoulos Exhibits The Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle

Dimitrios Spyropoulos, the lead designer of the highlighted project Dimitrios Spyropoulos's Dwelling Bicycle Multifunctional Bicycle explicates, Transportation, recreation, racing... Undoubtedly, the variety of functions that a bicycle can perfo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Be Modular Bookcase

Ayça Sevinç Tatlı Presents The Be Modular Bookcase

Ayça Sevinç Tatlı, the maker of the highlighted work Bookcase:BE MODULAR by Ayça Sevinç Tatlı explicates, A bookcase with two modules, which allows the user design her/his own bookcase. The modules are very unique in terms of appearance, when t <Cropped>

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Extreme Habitat Challenge 2019-Sahara

Vision: Extreme Habitat Challenge Pushes to Explore Habitat Concepts That Are Responsible, Yet Brave to Grow Human Civilization in Synchronous With Nature + Technology + Planet. Design a Concept Habitat of 1, 000 People Within Area of 0.5mi X 0.5mi

Vision: extreme habitat challenge pushes to explore habitat concepts that are responsible, yet brave to grow human civilization in synchronous with nature + technology + planet. design a concept habitat of 1,000 people within area of 0.5mi x <Cropped>

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Pec Bottle:pepsimoji by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Pepsimoji Pec Bottle

The lead designer of the awarded design Acclaimed Designer's PepsiMoji PEC Bottle demonstrates, PepsiCo offers a provocative and fresh take on a cultural phenomenon with the creation of the PepsiMoji Global Campaign. By replacing the Pepsi globe <Cropped>

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Bella Heater by Kindle Living-Outdoor Heater by Arturo Fis

Arturo Fis Reveals The Bella Heater by Kindle Living Outdoor Heater

Arturo Fis , the architect of the award winning project Outdoor Heater :Bella Heater by Kindle Living by Arturo Fis says, Despite their enormous popularity, little meaningful development has taken place in the improvement of the outdoor heater since <Cropped>

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Knopp-Led Lamp by Eduard Zhegalin

Eduard Zhegalin Presents The Knopp Led Lamp

Eduard Zhegalin, the maker of the awarded work LED lamp by Eduard Zhegalin says, Suspended LED lamp KNOPP has a shape of a truncated cone. Covering plaphone made by die casting and provides high-quality lighting and visual comfort. The lamp has a <Cropped>

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Tangram-Stool by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Creates The Tangram Stool

Kris Lin, the lead designer of the highlighted project Tangram - stool by Kris Lin points out, Tangeam consists of 5 different shapes. These pieces can be put together to form triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, and irregular polygon. For ind <Cropped>

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Candella-Handcrafted Scented Candle by Marcin Sobkowicz

Marcin Sobkowicz Presents The Candella Handcrafted Scented Candle

Marcin Sobkowicz, the project leader of the highlighted design Candella - Handcrafted scented candle by Marcin Sobkowicz illustrates, Handcrafted scented candle made in upcycled wine bottle. The main objective of the product design was to develop a p <Cropped>

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Promotional Video:bass Awards 2017 Promotional Video by Sebastian Curi

Sebastian Curi Presents The Bass Awards 2017 Promotional Video Promotional Video

Sebastian Curi , the architect of the highlighted project Promotional Video by Sebastian Curi illustrates, A storm is coming. A tropical storm. With lots of colors, wind and emotions. We want to create a world with a wide variety of living creatures. <Cropped>

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Clifford Chance Hong Kong by Circa Ia

Circa Ia Creates The Clifford Chance Hong Kong Workplace Interior Design

Circa ia, the thinktank behind the displayed design Clifford Chance Hong Kong - Workplace Interior Design by Circa ia says, Clifford Chance is located in 'Jardine House' overlooking Hong Kong harbor in the Central district. With this pro <Cropped>

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