Residence by Tong-Yi Hu

Tong-Yi Hu Shares The The Residence of Moonlight Residence

Tong-Yi Hu, the maker of the displayed design Residence:The Residence of Moonlight by Tong-Yi Hu explicates, “Humanity, Art, Ergonomic and Technology” are four core concepts of Bai Yue Interior Design. The practice of their design comes from the <Cropped>

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The First Bai Platinum Five Star Hotel:dali International Hotel by Grandland Design Institute

Grandland Design Institute Designs The Dali International Hotel The First Bai Platinum Five Star Hotel

Grandland Design Institute , the creative mind behind the displayed design Award Winning Dali International Hotel the first Bai platinum five star hotel illustrates, As the first Bai platinum five star hotel in the world, Bai elements were extracted <Cropped>

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Interior Design:spirit Concentration by Tienyuwu

Tienyuwu Presents The Spirit Concentration Interior Design

TienyuWu, the creative mind behind the award winning design interior design by TienyuWu explicates, What is a space for a house? Designer believes the design comes from the requirements of owner, attaining the soul to space. Therefore, the designer n <Cropped>

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Lighting Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For a' International Lighting Products and Projects Design Awards

A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission of entries by lighting and product designers, lighting architects and lighting product manufacturers from all over the world. With participants from over 100 countries, The A' Lighting <Cropped>

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Clean Energy Challenge

Together With Ikea Foundation, What Design Can Do (wdcd) Recently Launched The Clean Energy Challenge in 5 Cities – Amsterdam, São Paulo, Delhi, Nairobi, and Mexico City. This Global Competition Calls On Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs to Rethink

Together with ikea foundation, what design can do (wdcd) recently launched the clean energy challenge in 5 cities – amsterdam, são paulo, delhi, nairobi, and mexico city. this global competition calls on designers and creative entrepreneurs to ret <Cropped>

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Disposable Plate:plate-Oh by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Plate-Oh Disposable Plate

The architect of the award winning design Disposable Plate by Acclaimed Designer points out, A biodegradable paper plate with a unique construction of individual layers pressed together. It allows the user to peel off the used upper layer, revealin <Cropped>

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Revamped Studio:halls of Light by Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd

Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd Shows The Halls of Light Revamped Studio

Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd, the thinktank behind the awarded design Revamped Studio by Renaissance Planners & Designers Pte Ltd says, With its origins of a parish hall since the 50s, the interior is segregated into a place for w <Cropped>

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Condemn Cuff-Extendable Cuff by Jimin Jung

Jimin Jung Discloses The Condemn Cuff Extendable Cuff

Jimin Jung, the maker of the awarded design Condemn cuff - Extendable cuff by Jimin Jung explicates, The main goal with this project was to make a cuff that does not have size limitation. The biggest challenge was choosing a clasp. A clasp was integr <Cropped>

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Event by J.c.disi

J.c.disi Shows The Festival Vernissage: Social Gastronomy Event

J.C.DISI, the thinktank behind the award winning design Event by J.C.DISI explains, In Social Gastronomy, celebrity chefs with grassroots groups showed how "less than perfect" ingredients can be salvaged and transformed into a "more th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Dab Ecg Holter Patch

Adam Miklosi Exhibits The Dab Ecg Holter Patch

Adam Miklosi, the author of the awarded project Dab by Adam Miklosi spells out, A body sensor should be as unobtrusive as possible to have the smallest impact on the ordinary behavior of the patients under examination. The keys of invisibility are th <Cropped>

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