Automat Toolkit Packaging-Packaging by Boris Design Studio

Boris Design Studio Shares The Automat Toolkit Packaging Packaging

Boris Design Studio, the architect of the highlighted design Award Winning Automat Toolkit Packaging Packaging explicates, The Automat Toolkit is a sensor kit that aids developers to quickly prototype new ideas on IoT concepts. The Automat packaging <Cropped>

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Tao Huang & Zhihong Li's Sanya Visun Cullinan Sales Center Sales Center

Tao Huang & Zhihong Li Presents The Sanya Visun Cullinan Sales Center Sales Center

Tao Huang & Zhihong Li, the lead designer of the award winning design Sanya Visun Cullinan Sales Center by Tao Huang & Zhihong Li illustrates, The site characterizes an intersection of mountains, rivers, and waters. The architect started the <Cropped>

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Commercial Space:j's Garden by The Moo

The Moo Creates The J's Garden Commercial Space

The Moo, the maker of the awarded design j's garden - Commercial space by The Moo points out, In the space, as the comfort of home, the use of pure and simple materials, the construction of the original space base, although it is a complex opera <Cropped>

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Meditation Device by Balázs Tóth

Balázs Tóth Creates The Konnect Meditation Device

Balázs Tóth, the designer of the awarded work meditation device by Balázs Tóth illustrates, The Konnect is a wearable device concept that creates an entertaining way of stress lowering and concentration development. The usage of this wearable is <Cropped>

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Live With Art by Cheng Qi

Cheng Qi Shares The Live With Art Residential Space

Cheng Qi, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Live with Art - Residential Space by Cheng Qi spells out, Simple and sleek curvy lines are used for the living space. Due to child safety concerns, the home is designed without any sharp edg <Cropped>

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Residence:terraza by Zeta Chu

Zeta Chu Illustrates The Terraza Residence

Zeta Chu, the project leader of the awarded design Zeta Chu's Terraza Residence says, The design expresses a sense of nature through simplicity, without confining with any definitions of style. Making use of the high ceiling, mezzanine levels ar <Cropped>

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Award Winning Back to The Future Window Display

Lo Ju-Chun Exhibits The Back to The Future Window Display

Lo Ju-Chun, the designer of the award winning design Window Display by Lo Ju-Chun explicates, The theme of this window, "Back to the Future" has reconstructed the atmosphere of the 1980s in line with the trend of fashion. Composite media, s <Cropped>

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Boom-Mer-Rang-Marine Binocular Packaging by Jessie Woo Fernandez-Sicicom

Jessie Woo Fernandez-Sicicom Demonstrates The Boom-Mer-Rang Marine Binocular Packaging

Jessie Woo Fernandez - Sicicom, the author of the awarded work Boom-mer-rang - Marine Binocular Packaging by Jessie Woo Fernandez - Sicicom says, As a mutuelle packing for a marine product of two significative colours, the Boom-mer-rang design mainly <Cropped>

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Burlington Hotel-Hotel Interior by Somethink Limited

Somethink Limited Discloses The Burlington Hotel Hotel Interior

SOMETHINK LIMITED, the creative mind behind the displayed project SOMETHINK LIMITED's BURLINGTON HOTEL Hotel Interior points out, The Burlington Hotel is a new, luxury boutique hotel, located in Wanchai of HongKong, one of the busiest commercial <Cropped>

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Ahadrone Kit by Srinivasulu Reddy

Srinivasulu Reddy Shows The Ahadrone Kit Cardboard Drone

Srinivasulu Reddy, the architect of the displayed design Cardboard Drone by Srinivasulu Reddy demonstrates, ahaDRONE, a lightweight drone designed to fit within the 18 inch square corrugated board, a paperboard engineered for aerospace applications. <Cropped>

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