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Akchurin New York

Reimagine everything you know about houses, building, and city infrastructure. This big book challenges the worn-out building methods that hold the world back from energy independence. The step-by-step net-zero building process is detailed with engineering diagrams, inventions, and designs. The hot graphite foil-stamped limited-edition volume with a matching stamped slipcase or ebony box is a collector’s edition. The artistic presentation of nature through pictures, metaphors, and descriptions inspires everyone to believe in a sustainable world.

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Rozna is the only fine-dining Omani restaurant in Oman that is modelled like an ancient fort. Omanis are known across the ME for their hospitality and are proud of their history and heritage. The service in Rozna amply reflects this tradition. Women waiters are dressed in the Omani costume of long tunic and loose trousers, and men in dishdasha with appropriate headgears.

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The walking sticks are made to perfection of best quality red or white oak. Handles can have a C shape or a T shape. Walking sticks for men have a diameter of 25 mm; walking sticks for women are a little slimmer: 22 mm of diameter. The oak is FSC certified. All the handles of the walking sticks are reinforced with jacaranda paulista (Machaerium villosum), a Brazilian native wood. The walking sticks are finished, basically, with tung oil. The replaceable tips are made of aluminum and laminated rubber.

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Pure is a 2 in 1 electric oral care kit that integrates an electric toothbrush and a water flosser to meet the needs of a wide range of users, simplifying operation and saving space. Pure runs through all aspects of daily oral care, providing the best user experience for every user who cares about oral health. Meanwhile, it encourages more attention to oral health issues and helps users cultivate a refined and healthy lifestyle.

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Blockazo is a one of its kind 1kg chocolate bar specially designed for sharing and breaking it up into big chunks of chocolate resulting in an unforgettable consumer experience. The inspiration came from the construction industry and concrete since this huge chocolate bar is like a big building that needs to be demolished to be consumed. The bar is made of chocolate with peanuts and its packaging is made of a flexible mix of PP and PE. The result of the product design is an extraordinary consumer experience that incites to break the huge chocolate bar in romboidal shapes.

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The Gong bar cabinet has two sliding doors made of handmade palisander wood marquetry revealing three wooden shelves, dimmable lighting fixed behind mirrored back panel. The round cabinet box is painted black inside and outside. One tempered black glass shelf at the bottom of the cabinet, serves as a structural element enhancing the stability of the cabinet and creates additional storage space. The structure of the cabinet is made of fully loaded brass profiles. The cabinet offers spacious storage space for the battles and glasses. The light turns on automatically when the doors open.

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